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[2018 New] HCNA-IoT H12-111 Practice Exam | Killtest

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If you are looking for real H12-111 exam questions to prepare for H12-111 Huawei Certified Network Associate– Internet of Things exam, please choose Killtest HCNA-IoT H12-111 Practice Exam. Killtest has collected H12-111 real exam questions and answers to help you pass H12-111 HCNA-IoT exam smoothly.  Killtest will help you pass your Huawei H12-111 exam. Whether you are trying for your HCNA-IoT H12-111 Practice Exam, you are 100% guaranteed to pass your H12-111 Huawei Certified Network Associate– Internet of Things.

[2018 New] HCNA-IoT H12-111 Practice Exam | Killtest

MobileCam solutions can be widely used in which of the following area? (Multiple Choice)
A. SmartCam
B. Visual doorbell
D. Sports DV
Answer: ABCD

The AR501L1Rc model devices only support switching and do not process the dimming function.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Which of the following belongs to the system reliability?
A. Virtual Machine Reliability
B. Data Encryption
C. Flow Control
D. Sensitive Information Shielding
Answer: A

eLTE-IOT improves coverage by increasing power spectral density, what can the maximum coverage radius be reached?
A. 5km
B. 8km
C. 10km
D. 15km
Answer: C

What are scenarios of common data reported in car networking applications? (Multiple Choice)
A. Location information reported
B. Bus data reported
C. Statistical data reported
D. Event data reported
Answer: ABCD

If you need to send the AT command data part 010203405, what is the length should be set to?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 40
D. None of the above
Answer: A

Huawei LiteOS Interconnection Frame Optimization Mesh Ad Hoc Network, what features as the following does not include?
A. Fast self-healing
B. High reliability
C. Networking time> 20mins
D. Number of network nodes increases to 1000+
Answer: C

What is the edge calculation as we said?
A. High-performance server installed at the end of the application
B. Edge nodes near the end device or data source, mixing together connection, calculate, storage, control and application, meeting the requirements of users’ real-time, intelligence, data aggregation and security.
C. Handle logical units other than normal business
D. Non-core business marginalized data center room
Answer: B

In the field of smart home, intelligent ONT can also provide various Internet of Things basic access capabilities including Zig-bye/Z-wave based on the USB Dongle extension. Through the unity of access standards, it will be able to integrate smart devices from different manufacturers.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

The task in Huawei LiteOS is the preemptive scheduling mechanism. Currently, the time slice rotation scheduling mode is not supported.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Among the following options, what are the features supported by the interrupts belonging to Huawei LitieOS? (Multiple Choice)
A. Interrupt creation
B. Interrupt enabled
C. interrupt delete
D. On/off interrupt
Answer: ABCD

Huawei LitieOS memory management is divided into static memory management and dynamic memory management, thereinto, the advantage of dynamic memory is on-demand distribution, no debris.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Which of the following are included in the N frames of Huawei LiteOS “1 + N”? (Multiple Choice)
A. Internet Framework
B. Sensing Framework
C. Runtime Engine
D. Security Framework
Answer: ABCD

As the following options, what methods can reduce the threat of DDOS attack? (Multiple Choice)
A. Terminal strict certification
B. The terminal is strictly encrypted
C. Terminal use tamper casing
D. Increase the firewall
Answer: ABD

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