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H12-261 HCIE-R&S (Written) (Expert – Routing & Switching)

When preparing your Huawei HCIE-R&S Certification, please choose Killtest Huawei H12-261 HCIE-R&S Questions. Killtest offers the valid Huawei HCIE-R&S H12-261 exam questions to ensure you pass your H12-261 HCIE-R&S (Written) (Expert – Routing & Switching) Exam.

Killtest has H12-261 free online test for you. Here, we set 20 questions to help you feel real H12-261 HCIE-R&S (Written) (Expert – Routing & Switching) exam, you can get 5 score once answer a question correctly. The total score is 100.

Now begin your H12-261 free online test:

1. RIPng released prefix FC00:200::, the prefix length of 32 bits aggregated routing information, which of the following configuration is correct ?


2. ISIS in the process of establishing P2P networks neighborhood relationship, interactive Hello packets twice to complete neighbor establishing.


3. A company from a carrier rented a 1Mbps CIR frame relay special line, recent stability is not good, frequent oscillation, network administrators found in the configuration of router parameters forgot to configure CIR parameters, after fixing the problem, the line will restore stability.


4. You want to set the DSCP value of VoIP traffic in HW network device as EF.
According to distinguish service model RFC, flow mark EF should be set to:


5. Which of the following description about IBGP neighbor EBGP neighbor is true? (Multiple choice)


6. AS-path-filter using regular expression ^[0-9]+$ to represent all the AS_PATH attribute.


7. In the whole HW IP multicast network running SSM
Which of the following understanding of SSM is true? (Multiple choice)


8. A running OSPF router is connected to Area 0 and Area 1. You will configure Area 1 to stub area.
which kind does LSA only in the Area 1 internal operate?


9. When troubleshooting in a local area network, you notice that there are a large number of frame alignment False, FCSFalse and Lag of conflict.
what is the possible reason to cause this problem?


10. Which of the follwing description about BSR/RP mechanism is true? (Multiple choice)


11. Here on the OSI reference model, which description about the sixth layer functional is correct?


12. auto-negotiation mode is to obtain maximum interface rate and the operating mode, the network administrator will set all Ethernet interface rate of a workgroup switch to 100Mbps, operating mode configured to full-duplex. When a NIC is configured to auto-negotiation of the workstation is connected to the switch, the outcome of consultations is that the interface rate is 100Mbps, the operating mode is half-duplex.
For this phenomenon, which of the following explanation is the most reasonable?


13. Recently the company network often attacked by ARP, in order to curb ARP attacks, which of the following technique can we use? (Multiple choice)


14. The following description of ASM model and SSM model, which is right?(please select three correct answer)


15. Which description about ISIS extension feature is true? (Multiple choice)


16. Which of the following description about GVRP interface registration mode in Huawei switch is true?


17. If there is a switch running STP, and now the switch G0/0/17 interface and G0/0/18 interface are connected by a cable, then on the scenario described below, which is correct?


18. To configure AAA, you first need to define the RADIUS server, RADIUS server defined manner as follows:
[Huawei] radius-server template EXAM
[Huawei-radius-EXAM] radius-server shared-key cipher HUAwei123
[Huawei-radius-EXAM] radius-server authentication 1812
[Huawei-radius-EXAM] radius-server authorization 1812
[Huawei-radius-EXAM] radius-server accounting 1813
[Huawei-radius-EXAM] radius-server retransmit 2


19. You have two routers run BGP connected to different ISP. You want to affect the Internet into your network traffic, but your company is prohibited to use BGP communities.
The best way to achieve the aforementioned requirements?


20. What are the key component of NAC?


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