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H12-221 HCNP-R&S-IERN(implementing Enterprise Routing Network)

When preparing your Huawei HCNP-R&S Certification, please choose Killtest Huawei H12-221 HCNP-R&S Questions. Killtest offers the valid Huawei HCNP-R&S H12-221 exam questions to ensure you pass your H12-221 HCNP-R&S-IERN(implementing Enterprise Routing Network) Exam.

Killtest has H12-221 free online test for you. Here, we set 20 questions to help you feel real H12-221 HCNP-R&S-IERN(implementing Enterprise Routing Network) exam, you can get 5 score once answer a question correctly. The total score is 100.

Now begin your H12-221 free online test:

1. Which of the following is a private AS number?


2. Which of the following connection types can a Router LSA describe? (Select 3 answers)


3. When running in non-broadcast networks, OSPF uses one of the two modes: NBMA or P2MP.


4. If the subnet mask for Class A address is, how many bits are used for subnetting?


5. OSPF uses SPF algorithm to compute the SPF tree based on the topology. What is the node of the 5PF tree?


6. Which of the following describes the relationship between BGP and AS?


7. Which statements regarding BGP well-known mandatory attributes are true? (Select 3 answers)


8. Which of the following IP addresses are network addresses? (Select 2 answers)


9. The router ID which is configured in the system view takes precedence over the router ID configured in the BGP view.


10. BGP peers are automatically discovered by exchanging multicast packets.


11. The unicast and multicast technologies are both outstanding in solving the problem of “single source, multiple destinations” in order to allow efficient P2MP data transmission.


12. What does an IP address of indicate?


13. In OSPF protocol, Different types of networks cannot establish an adjacency with each other in the Full state.


14. Which of the following attributes must exist in the BGP update messages? (Select 3 answers)


15. Which of the following is the multicast distribution tree maintained by PIM-DM?


16. Which of the following route entries match the IP-Prefix defined below?
ip ip-prefix test index 10 permit 16 greater-equal 24 less-equal 28
(Select 2 answers)


17. Which of the following are multicast routing protocols? (Select 3 answers)


18. Which of the following is the address range assigned by IANA for SSM service in IPv4?


19. Which of the following statements are correct regarding OSPF intra-area route calculation? (Select 2 answers)


20. Enabling MD5 authentication between BGP peers can prevent DoS attacks that target BGP peers.


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How many points have you got? You can click the full version picture to visit Killtest Huawei H12-221 HCNP-R&S Questions and get the full version now. Any questions, please contact us: [email protected]



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