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H11-811 HCNA-UC (Unified Communication)

When preparing your Huawei HCNA-UC Certification, please choose Killtest Huawei H11-811 HCNA-UC Questions. Killtest offers the valid Huawei HCNA-UC H11-811 exam questions to ensure you pass your H11-811 HCNA-UC (Unified Communication) Exam.

Killtest has H11-811 free online test for you. Here, we set 20 questions to help you feel real H11-811 HCNA-UC (Unified Communication) exam, you can get 5 score once answer a question correctly. The total score is 100.

Now begin your H11-811 free online test:

1. Which of the following does not belong to IAD login ID?


2. The following options, ( ) represents the SIP responded global error.


3. An enterprise deployed auto attendant business, the external users don’t need through the switchboard can directly call an extension.
To achieve this requirement, it should be ( ). (Multiple choice)


4. Which of the following functions does attendant seating not have?


5. About U1900 series unified gateway number transformation, Which of the following statement is correct?


6. About U1900 series unified gateway calling permissions, Which of the following statement is correct?


7. In the eSpace UC solution, the analog phone in addition to the direct connect U1900 series gateway, which of the following components can be controlled by access to an IP network?


8. U1900 series unified gateway supported intelligent routing strategy are (). (Multiple choice)


9. An enterprise have now deployed the eSight network management, DNS server and DHCP server, now the new deployment of 200 sets of IP phone, which of the following way can achieve the batch configuration TR069 parameters?


10. The following cases, the need to occupy MCU resources is ( ). (Multiple choice)


11. SIP trunk is a kind of based on IP packet relay, the use of SIP as the signaling control signaling protocol, only supports UDP as a transport layer protocol.


12. The following about U1900 series unified gateway voice mail business, Which statement is correct? ( ) (Multiple choice)


13. About U1900 LMT maintenance tools function, which of the following statement is wrong?


14. If A and B two IP phones registered to the same U1960, which of the following statement is correct?


15. A company deployed U1900 series unified gateway voice system, specific information shown below, U1960 extension through outgoing prefix 9 call U1911 extension.
Tested: phone A can calls B normally ,but can not calls C ,phone B also can’t call C, C can call A and B normally, according to this scenario, which of the following statement is correct ?


16. About R2 signaling, which of the following statement is correct? ( ) (Multiple choice)


17. SIP users in the U1900 calls Bureau users, alerting the called number is incorrect, possible causes are ( ). (Multiple choice)


18. Add prefix on the U1960 , prefix attribute is configured as follows: “prefix” for 9; “business type” for the basic business; “call attribute” for the local call; “called number conversion” as None; “calling number conversion as “1;” Whether to display calling trombone ” as Yes.
Which of the following statement is correct (assuming no other configuration is necessary in addition to the redundant configuration, and the relay has been correctly docked Game) ? ( ) (Multiple choice)


19. In the bill server no need to load License.


20. Which of the following is the eSpace IPT solution supported function? (Multiple choice)


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