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Security+ Certification | Killtest SY0-401 Practice Exam | SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

Who should be contacted FIRST in the event of a security breach?
A. Forensics analysis team
B. Internal auditors
C. Incident response team
D. Software vendors
Answer: C

Which of the following mitigation strategies is established to reduce risk when performing updates to business critical systems?
A. Incident management
B. Server clustering
C. Change management
D. Forensic analysis
Answer: C

An administrator wants to minimize the amount of time needed to perform backups during the week. It is also acceptable to the administrator for restoration to take an extended time frame.
Which of the following strategies would the administrator MOST likely implement?
A. Full backups on the weekend and incremental during the week
B. Full backups on the weekend and full backups every day
C. Incremental backups on the weekend and differential backups every day
D. Differential backups on the weekend and full backups every day
Answer: A

A network administrator has recently updated their network devices to ensure redundancy is in place so that:
A. switches can redistribute routes across the network.
B. environmental monitoring can be performed.
C. single points of failure are removed.
D. hot and cold aisles are functioning.
Answer: C

An IT security manager is asked to provide the total risk to the business. Which of the following calculations would he security manager choose to determine total risk?
A. (Threats X vulnerability X asset value) x controls gap
B. (Threats X vulnerability X profit) x asset value
C. Threats X vulnerability X control gap
D. Threats X vulnerability X asset value
Answer: D

Which of the following controls would prevent an employee from emailing unencrypted information to their personal email account over the corporate network?
Answer: A

The security administrator is currently unaware of an incident that occurred a week ago. Which of the following will ensure the administrator is notified in a timely manner in the future?
A. User permissions reviews
B. Incident response team
C. Change management
D. Routine auditing
Answer: D

The datacenter design team is implementing a system, which requires all servers installed in racks to face in a predetermined direction. AN infrared camera will be used to verify that servers are properly racked. Which of the following datacenter elements is being designed?
A. Hot and cold aisles
B. Humidity control
C. HVAC system
D. EMI shielding
Answer: A

The helpdesk reports increased calls from clients reporting spikes in malware infections on their systems. Which of the following phases of incident response is MOST appropriate as a FIRST response?
A. Recovery
B. Follow-up
C. Validation
D. Identification
E. Eradication
F. Containment
Answer: D

A system administrator has concerns regarding their users accessing systems and secured areas using others¡¯ credentials. Which of the following can BEST address this concern?
A. Create conduct policies prohibiting sharing credentials.
B. Enforce a policy shortening the credential expiration timeframe.
C. Implement biometric readers on laptops and restricted areas.
D. Install security cameras in areas containing sensitive systems.
Answer: C

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